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About Us

A Collaborative Capital Partner

We are not bound by the traditional Private Equity model of high fee structures and definitive time horizons, rather we examine each opportunity on an industry or case-by-case basis.


We are not constrained by a specific investment timeframe. We can allow our portfolio companies to realize the full benefits of a solid growth plan, without prematurely exiting the business to meet fund life requirements.


We pride ourselves on building strong relationships. It is our goal to work closely with both our investors and portfolio company operators, and we understand that for many business owners, they have not had the capital or resources to build out a full management team or invest in new technologies.


It is our goal to be both a capital and strategic partner alongside our operators and provide them the necessary resources to grow their business.

Our Core Values

Our objective is simple: identify unique companies that we feel are poised for continued growth in industries where we maintain a high level of conviction for an attractive return over the life of our investment.

Investors in Culture

We are passionate about working with together with good people to grow great businesses. At the core of what we do is collaborate with investors and management teams who share our beliefs and uphold our values of trust, integrity, and respect.

Optimizing Capital Structure

Financial leverage should never inhibit a business's ability to grow. Our goal is to capitalize investments in the most efficient way possible so as to maximize the growth potential of a company.

Creating Value

We are driven by a common purpose of continuing to build on the legacy of business owners and management teams. With a strong network of seasoned executives, we aim to create an alignment of interests with our capital and strategic partners to maximize shareholder value.

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